Do you post every picture you receive?
i post about 99% of photos that come my way. occasionally i will not post a photo because it is too dark or blurry, or it’s a cat in something that i’ve posted about 50 times before. if it’s just a normal cat lying normally in a normal box, i’m scraping the bottom of the barrel for captions, so sometimes i decide not to submit everyone to bad captions.  

When will you post my picture?
the queue is backed up at least 2 weeks at any given time. if you don’t see your picture in a month or so, message me the picture again WITH A NOTE ASKING IF I POSTED IT, and i can tell you when it will post or why i decided not to post it.

Sorry i keep submitting so much!
don’t be! i love submissions, and anyway a lot of submissions will help make sure your cat gets published!

How many cats do you have?
my parents own one, Pearl (her full name is actually Black Pearl, cause she’s all black!). My husband and I have Ruby.

Sometimes the captions you post are too long/short/not funny. Maybe you shouldn’t post a caption sometimes.
getoutoftherecat will ALWAYS have captions! that is the point of the blog - posting pictures of cats where they do not belong and reprimanding them accordingly. if you don’t like the captions, there are a plethora of other websites of cats without captions. so don’t even bother telling me i shouldn’t have them.

if you see a caption you don’t like, i don’t mind you telling me in a courteous way. sometimes i get a message saying something along the lines of “hey, this caption was good up until the point where you wrote ‘such and such and such’. after that it wasn’t funny/felt like you were reaching.” the captions only work if you guys like them, so if there is something you don’t like then don’t be afraid to tell me in a nice way. with everyone’s input i’m sure i can find a way to make almost everyone happy.

Your lack of punctuation/capitals/grammar upsets me.
one, i’m a grammar freak myself, so i doubt you will find many grammar problems with my captions. but, it does happen (most recently realizing i don’t know the difference between lay and lie) so just let me know if something’s wrong and i’ll fix it. the lack of capitals and punctuation, however, is part of what makes this blog what it is. so don’t tell me to add any commas or fix capitals, because it’s just not going to happen. 

You posted something racist/sexist/mean/etc and you’re an asshole!
um…ok….if you are angry about something i posted, send me a courteous message telling me what part of my captions upset you and we’ll work together to figure it out. equally important is to not send it anonymously. if i get a super nasty message from someone saying that they’re unfollowing me, and their handle isn’t even attached to it, i don’t put a lot of stock into that. i got bullied enough by anonymous people online when i was in 8th grade; i’m not putting up with it at 24. if your message is so angry, if you’re so afraid of retaliation from me, that you feel the need to post your comment anonymously, you can bet i’m not going to take it seriously.  

What other sites would you recommend?

check out the link on the side of the page :-) 

What is “HCCotW?”
Heterochromatic Cat of the Week

I decided there is not enough internet space devoted to pictures of cats trying to fit into anything they can. So I have graciously decided to take on this challenge.

i may occasionally reply to your questions and submissions via your own ask box in order to avoid cluttering everyone's dash with text posts. if that happens, the message will come from kllk070911, my main handle.

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