A Contest!

So Aubrie and I have decided to do a little contest. We really want/need/earnestly desire an official blog logo. Since we suck at drawing and don’t have photoshop, we figured we would leave this task up to you guys - with over 31,000 of you out there, at least one of you has to have some pretty good ideas.

So here’s how this is gonna work. There are rules:

1. Submit a picture of your cat/s somewhere s/he/they don’t belong (ok, so this isn’t really a requirement, but I still want you to submit).

2. One submission per person, so make sure you’re submitting your very best work!!

3. Submissions must be sent to getoutoftherecat@gmail.com. If they are sent to the tumblr inbox, they won’t be considered, so don’t ruin your chances by sending it there!!

4. The winner of the contest will receive a physical prize from us. I’m not sure what we’re gonna give away yet, though we do have a couple ideas. We’ll develop this more as things play out.

5. Before we announce whoever designed what will become the official GetOutOfThereCat logo, we’ll have to do a little legal wrangling. This will be discussed more in depth with whoever we decide is the winner, but I want everyone to be aware of that going in. In simple terms, as has always been the case with individual submissions, all entries will become the property of GetOutOfThereCat for any use without any type of compensation, residual or otherwise. 

We’ll run this contest through the end of October, maybe a little longer (or shorter!) depending on how many submissions we get. As we get closer to the deadline we’ll reveal more details and perhaps even set up something to take popular vote into account. Also feel free to message us if you have any other questions and we’ll respond to you personally.

I decided there is not enough internet space devoted to pictures of cats trying to fit into anything they can. So I have graciously decided to take on this challenge.

i may occasionally reply to your questions and submissions via your own ask box in order to avoid cluttering everyone's dash with text posts. if that happens, the message will come from kllk070911, my main handle.

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