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so a lot of people have been sending me pictures of their cats as submissions for the logo, and i realize i must not have been very clear in my original post. the logo needs to something along the lines of :


something that incorporates the blog name and somehow relates to the overall theme of the blog. 

of course i still want your pictures. our inbox is actually under 200 now so you won’t have to wait as long for your picture to post! (hint: also a good time to resubmit if your picture didn’t make it through the first time around)

#contest #getoutoftherecat

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I decided there is not enough internet space devoted to pictures of cats trying to fit into anything they can. So I have graciously decided to take on this challenge.

i may occasionally reply to your questions and submissions via your own ask box in order to avoid cluttering everyone's dash with text posts. if that happens, the message will come from kllk070911, my main handle.

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