a gift!

so chris and i are sitting watching trainspotting - you know, normal monday night - and someone knocks at the door. i’m thinking it’s got to be the repair guys to fix our bathroom sink but it’s a UPS guy. he hands chris the pictures i ordered from snapfish and then says, “can you help me move your fridge up?”

so chris and i are just dumbfounded. like stood there in silence and then said, “fridge? really?” so chris goes out to help him move up this mini fridge. i walk out and say “are you sure this is for us?” while chris is suggesting it might be a wedding present. meanwhile i’m thinking who in the world would get us a mini fridge. anyway…

chris points out that it is addressed specifically to me. then i see something taped to the side of the box that says “Thank you!” and i realize - Diet Coke sent it to us for mentioning them on the site!!!

so we get it out of the box and of course it is also filled with a case of Diet Coke. peanut and tubby were so scared by all the commotion that they went to hide under the bed, and peanut actually goes INTO the box spring. it’s like a sign from the universe.

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    What site did you mention coke on that they saw and sent you a fridge?

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