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once submitted, all pictures become the property of getoutoftherecat to be used, royalty-free, as i see fit for the promotion of this website on either this page, the Facebook or twitter page, or merchandise

must be a picture of a cat sitting in or on something it doesn’t belong. no naked pics please. if it’s a pic please submit it as a picture and not as a text. you do this by clicking in the box at the top where it says “Submit a Text Post”, and then scroll down to and click on “Submit a Photo.” IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT A PICTURE AS A PHOTO, you risk it either not being published or not linked to your account when i do publish it, since i have to save it to my computer and re-upload it.

if you submit a video, that’ll post on saturday so be patient :-)

if you want to write a caption, feel free! i may post it as you typed it, or make some adjustments of my own. i don’t usually specify which captions are mine and which are user submitted, so if you’re feeling particularly proud of your caption and want credit then just note it in the submission :-)

the queue is incredibly backed up, as in a couple weeks. so if you don’t see your submission right away, don’t worry. it will just take awhile.

if you include your cat’s name with your submission, i will tag the post with his/her/their name(s) so you can find it easier later on :-)

i post 98% of submissions, but sometimes a picture is too blurry/dark or it’s a cat in something that i’ve literally written a caption for 100 times before. ways to help make sure your cat gets posted: write part or all of a caption, and/or include background information on how your cat got there. you can also offer your own opinion on what you think s/he was doing there; you may see your cat in a spaceship whereas i just see a cat in a plastic bag. help me out with the creativity ;-)

I decided there is not enough internet space devoted to pictures of cats trying to fit into anything they can. So I have graciously decided to take on this challenge.

i may occasionally reply to your questions and submissions via your own ask box in order to avoid cluttering everyone's dash with text posts. if that happens, the message will come from kllk070911, my main handle.

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